International Patient Services

Kursad Taygur Clinic International Services Department, to patients seeking medical treatment in Turkey, is an organization with a 7/24 service that provides a single point of contact for next to a world’s fourth five hospitals in the highest quality of access to care.

We understand that every international patient has different needs and expectations, and our team is here to provide personalized guidance at every stage of treatment. Our dedicated staff can help you connect with one of our distinguished doctors, provide and secure cost estimates, and coordinate appointments and admissions that meet your travel dates. Our aim is to provide the most professional and personalized care for all our international guests and their families.

Our International Services Department assigns a dedicated member of our medical concierge team to each visiting patient who offers personal assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the first phone call to the final transfer of medical records after treatment is completed. Our team takes care of all the logistics so that patients can focus on treatment and recovery, performing various services such as scheduling medical appointments and making hotel reservations.

For patients;

Our International Services Department welcomes guests seeking medical treatment abroad by providing as easy access as possible to the high quality care of Kürşad Taygur Clinic. To start the process, we ask Patients to fill in the Patient Demographic Form so that our Department can direct you to the most appropriate physician to meet your medical needs.

Before Your Visit

After a medical treatment plan has been established with your doctor at Kürşad Taygur Clinic, our Department will provide the following before your visit to our hospital:

  • A dedicated team member appointed as your personal contact throughout your entire planning and treatment process
  • A cost estimate for expected medical services at our institution
  • Assistance in regulating financial payment before starting medical treatment
  • Confirmation of your medical appointments and procedures
  • Guidance on paperwork required for travel visa
  • Help with travel coordination

Personalized Care During Your Stay

Upon arrival at the Kürşad Taygur Clinic, your personal member of our medical concierge team will continue to guide you on the logistics and timing of your stay and answer any questions or requests you may have. Our patient services specialist will provide:

  • An interpreter for all medical appointments
  • Additional explanation of physicians’ course of action and instructions
  • Assistance with hospital admissions and follow-up doctor visits
  • Coordination of dedicated nurse arrangements and private room if desired
  • Regulations to meet dietary, cultural and religious needs

After Your Visit

After completing your treatment at Kürşad Taygur Clinic, our Department will provide you with the following:

  • Copies and translations of your medical records
  • Quick payment of your medical bills
  • Final invoice with a detailed list of services
  • Assistance with any medical follow-up appointments and communication with physicians

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