Health tourism

It is traveling from the country of residence to another country for medical purposes in order to regain health. Those who go for treatment purposes are called health tourists.

Health tourism should not be considered as a type of tourism that is visited only for treatment in hospitals.

Although it is necessary to accept any tourism health tourism that offers a healthy life, health tourism is evaluated under 3 main headings.

  1. Medical Tourism (Treatment and surgery in hospitals, etc.)
  2. Thermal Tourism (Services such as rehabilitation and rest in thermal facilities)
  3. Elderly and Disabled Tourism (Long-term stays at geriatric treatment centers or highlands with social activities)

Main Causes of Health Tourism

  1. Lack or absence of high-tech health services and professional human resources in their country,
  2. The desire to have a vacation with treatment,
  3. Healthcare services are expensive in their own countries,
  4. Desire to receive much better quality health service
  5. Recognizing or not wanting the surgery for any reason in his own country (Aesthetic Surgery, Infertility treatment, etc.)
  6. Tourism mobility (going to countries with forest, plateaus, historical and cultural richness) in cases where there is limited opportunity for holiday in terms of climate and geography in the country, the demand for a holiday in a country where there are many thermal facilities and Thermal Tourism opportunities.
  7. The desire of chronic patients, elderly and disabled people to go to other environments and to be treated,
  8. The desire of people with drugs and different addictions to be in different or more appropriate environments,
  9. One’s desire to hold on to life and to live.

Health Tourism in Turkey

Health tourism in the world has developed rapidly in the last 10 years. The number of people traveling solely for medical tourism has reached 10 million. Although the number of people traveling in thermal tourism, medical SPA, elderly and disabled tourism is not known exactly, it is predicted to be in a much higher rank than in medical tourism.

The top 5 countries in the world in terms of the number of international patients, respectively; USA, Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey.

In our country, we have 48 health institutions accredited by JCI, serving at international standards. several studies to strengthen the medical tourism infrastructure in private hospitals as well as universities and public hospitals in Turkey began. In this context, some of the modern City Hospitals equipped with high medical technology in various cities have been put into service. New ones are also under construction.

In many countries, the share of health needs and health expenses is increasing day by day. Geographical position of our country in the health sector and trained manpower trained in Turkey’s health services are among the most important advantages.

The specially selected hospitals under the umbrella of Global Health and the professional healthcare team working in these hospitals were meticulously selected by looking at the patients’ eyes.

In our hospitals in Istanbul, where our patients will feel that they are at home, we aim to take an active role in their treatment and perfectionism, with the support of our specialist physicians, where they can entrust them with confidence.


1.Treatment Planning

When our patients send us all their medical information and examination results, we prepare and share the patient-specific treatment plans of the specialists in the field with them.

The condition of the patients is evaluated within 24 hours and the patient is returned.

Patients can reach all alternative price options for their treatment and choose the most suitable option for their budget.

2.Coming to Turkey

Flight tickets are purchased by Global or by the patient, depending on the patient’s request.

If the patient’s health is not suitable for air travel, the patients are picked up by Global Health by plane ambulance.

If patients need to stay at the hotel before or during the treatment, hotel reservations are made by Global, depending on their wishes. close to locations all over Turkey and hospitals We have also negotiated hotel is located. Patients can choose the hotels they want to stay in line with their budget among the alternatives.

Patients were met at the airport by representatives of global health patients when they reach Turkey will remain in the hotel or transfer to the hospital is provided.


Treatments are performed in hospitals with JCI certified high medical technology and the best doctors in their field.

On the day of treatment, the transfer of patients to the hospital is made by Global Turizm from the hotel or airport.

Patients do not have communication problems thanks to their Global assistants who accompany them and can speak the same language with the patient. Global health supports patients 24/7.

4. Depart from Turkey

The patient is transferred to the airport.

If requested by the patient, it is organized by touristic trips, paid by the patient.

5. After the Treatment

After patients return to their countries, they can always contact Global after treatment.

All treatment processes of the patients are monitored by the Global health team and relevant doctors, and patients and their relatives are regularly informed.


Flight ticket


You have chosen a doctor and a clinic. I bought a ticket for the plane. Your seat is also reserved. Now, Turkey exact time of the beautification of the medical journey with unique cultural and touristic beauties. But remember that Turkey does not belong to us than just beauty. Here we were able to identify only the most important cities and the extraordinary cultural and touristic heritage found in them. If you come to Turkey, where you’re sure to find even more.


Istanbul is a cultural city that acts as a bridge between Europe and Asia. The summer months are generally hot, and the weather in winter can change due to the influence of exotic cyclones. You can reach Istanbul by land, air and sea transportation.

In Istanbul, Turkey’s megalopolis, fifty-five public hospitals, five hundred and six university clinics and private hospitals and clinics, health care, while the twenty-three of them were accredited. This is the city with the largest number of private hospitals and clinics accredited by JCI. Accredited health institutions in Istanbul: Acıbadem Bakırköy, Kadıköy, Maslak and Kozyatağı hospitals, a group of medical institutions Medical Park – Bahçelievler Hospital and Göztepe Hospital, LIV, German Hospital, American Hospital, Şişli Hospital Florence Nightingale Çağlayan, Kadıköy, Şişli and Gayrettepe, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, International Hospital, Istanbul Hospital Monument, Medicana International Hospital Istanbul, Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital, Medicana Chamlydzha Hospital, Medicana International Ankara, Sema Hospital, Neuropsychiatry Hospital NP Istanbul, Taksim Hospital at German University, Pendik Regional Hospital and Yeditepe University Hospital. In addition, alternative medical services are provided in the hot springs in Tuzla.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. The location is in the center of Turkey. Here the winter months are cold and the summer months are hot and dry. The hottest period is July-August and the coldest month is January. You can go to Ankara by land, air and rail.

Public health services in Ankara are provided by thirty-nine public hospitals, ten university clinics and seven accredited 29 private hospitals. Accredited hospitals Ankara: Ankara Güven Hospital, Medical Park, Monument and many more. In addition to this, there are three hot springs in the area. Eight thermal sanatorium resorts were built to provide these medicinal waters to people. If you want to combine health tourism and medical tourism with healing waters, we are waiting for you in Ankara.


İzmir is located in the middle of the Aegean coast. The summer here is hot and humid, the winter is hot and rainy. Izmir can be reached by land, air and sea.

Health services in İzmir are provided by fourteen public hospitals, three university clinics and eleven private hospitals and clinics.

There are also thermal health springs in the region, one of the natural treatment methods. Services are provided over three hot springs and seven thermal sanatoriums. You can be sure that he will be surrounded by attention worthy of kings.

Thanks to İzmir, the multicolored sea in the west, beaches and thermal centers, I will give a sanatorium resting place rich in health. Would you like to wander around Ephesus, one of the most famous ancient cities of the Roman Empire, and imagine the creative events that happened centuries ago here? Then we are waiting for you in Izmir.


Afyonkarahisar is located at the point where the connection points of the north to the south and west intersect in the east of Anatolia. Winters are cold and snowy here, and hot and dry weather is observed in summer. You can go to Afyonkarahisar by road or rail. Health services in Antalya are provided by seventeen governments and one private hospital. Afyonkarahisar is rich in thermal springs. There are five hot springs in this area. Everything is provided for your comfort and health in comfortable five star hotels. Thanks to the natural beauty of Afyonkarahisar, which receives health tourism services, you can relax at the same time. If you want to see yourself in another world, visit the wonders of nature, Sandikli Akdağ-clasps and the Iscehisar “stone pillars”, the Black Sea region (Samsun, Trabzon, Rize, Artvin’s) Turkey’s Black Sea region, the location, all shades of green hot springs and the sea are unique natural beauties. In coastal areas, winter is wet, spring is full and cold, and summer is warming. Moving away from Kordon, its climate does not report the effect of climate. This region has the greatest potential for health tourism in Turkey …


Bursa is located in the southeast of the Marmara Sea. As a rule, the temperate climate prevails, it varies according to the region with climate differences. Unlike the south where Uludağ has a harsh climate and large amounts of precipitation, the mild climate of the Marmara Sea is dominant in the north. You can go to Bursa by land, air and sea.

Health services were provided in six public and eight private hospitals in Bursa, three of which were accredited. Accredited health institutions in Bursa: Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine – Medical Hospital – Bursa Hospital and Acıbadem Bursa Hospital.

Bursa is an area rich in drinking and thermal springs. People came to Bursa to treat thermal waters for centuries. There are three drinks and eight mineral waters.

The healing waters are used in the treatment of many diseases. Seven quality thermal spas give people the opportunity to use healing waters.

Bursa plays a big role especially for winter tourism. Uludağ, one of the largest ski resorts in the country, is located in the Bursa region. If you prefer medical and health tourism services in winter, we are waiting for you in Bursa.


Yalova, in the northwest of Turkey, is located in the southeast part of the Marmara Sea. It is hot and dry in summer, warm and large amount of precipitation in winter. You can reach Yalova by land and sea. One public and two private hospitals provide health services in Yalova. Yalova is very rich in thermal springs. There are three hot springs in the region. These sources have at least three thousand years of history. Healing waters that help heal many diseases are provided for use in comfortable thermal spas. Do you want to experience the silence and peace of natural beauty of magnificent shades after the treatment? Then we are welcome Turkey’s first private Arboretum. Don’t forget to visit this unique place where about 7000 different species, subspecies, varieties and cultural plant species are collected.


Kocaeli is on the road connecting the Middle East and Europe and passing through Anatolia. Summer is hot here with little rainfall and winter is hot and rainy. Kocaeli area can be reached by land and air transport. In Kocaeli, six public and five private hospitals provide healthcare services, while two are accredited. Accredited hospitals Kocaeli: Kocaeli Acıbadem Hospital and Medical Center Anatolia.

There are two spirits and one mineral water spring in Kocaeli for a thermal sanatorium holiday. If you want to find healing with water from a sacred spring since Byzantium, we are waiting for you in Kocaeli. If you come between December and February, Kocaeli, Kartepe, one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey also do not forget to take a peek.


Antalya, in southern Turkey, the Mediterranean is a tourist center located on the coast. The winters here are mild and rainy, and the summers are hot and humid. You can go to Antalya by land, air and sea transportation. Public health services in Antalya are provided by thirteen states and fifteen private hospitals, one of which is accredited. Accredited Antalya health institution: medical institutions group Medical Park – Antalya hospital.

Antalya is one of the popular world centers for summer tourism. Antalya, where sea, sun, history and nature harmoniously unite, has the title of the Turkish Riviera. If you want to get medical and health tourism services and also want to enjoy the sun and the sea on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, we are waiting for you in Antalya.


Kayseri is in the region where the Orta Kızılırmak River is located at a place where the southern part of Anatolia approaches the Taurus Mountains. Winters are cold and snowy here, in summer the continental climate prevails with hot and dry weather. You can go to Kayseri by land or air. Kayseri is one of the important centers of health tourism in the Central Anatolia region. Public health services in Kayseri are provided by five public and fourteen private hospitals.

On your arrival in Kayseri, you can take advantage of the healing waters. There are four hot springs in the region. High-quality healing mineral waters and hot and drinking waters await you that help many diseases. Would you like to come to Kayseri and see the places where Alexander the Great went east? Do not return home without seeing the miracle of nature, with stone pillars, which were the center of Christianity in ancient times, and Ürgüp, which is seventy kilometers from Cappadocia and Kayseri.


Kütahya is located in the central western Anatolian part of the Aegean region. In the eastern regions, summers are hot and dry, winters are rainy. In the west, the milder marine climate prevails. You can reach Kütahya by road or rail.

Six public and four private hospitals provide health services in Kütahya.

Kütahya is one of the richest regions of thermal springs. There are ten quality hot springs. These resources are provided for services through spa hotels. Don’t you want to improve the healing waters of Kütahya? We recommend you to visit the production workshops of porcelain products coming to Kütahya. We are waiting for you in Kütahya, where you can buy your unique and colorful porcelain workmanship that has been here since the Phrygian days for your memories.

Advantages of Treatment in Our Country;

  • Price when compared with European countries, Turkey is making serious treatment at an affordable price. If we compare this with the heart surgeries performed in the USA as an example, the cost of treatment is half the difference.
  • With the regulations introduced to the education system, very high quality and successful doctors are trained.
  • Turkey also is more a result of the growing importance given to health in hospital beds
  • Hospital rooms are as comfortable as hotels in terms of both design and convenience
  • Using top quality devices in treatment methods developing with technology
  • To integrate with the West, a Muslim country, Turkey offers to come in the future by relying more patients from abroad.
  • Having employees who speak foreign languages ​​in hospitals provides easier communication with patients.
  • Having an interpreter service in private hospitals makes it easier to communicate with patients who seek information from abroad.
  • Geographical proximity to the Eurasian countries enables the travel time to be shortened and the costs to be reduced.
  • Being close to both Middle Eastern and European countries in terms of geographical location plays an important role in destination preferences.
  • The cosmopolitan tourists from abroad at a certain point with Turkey, a country that intersects social or cultural point
  • Having begun the accession process of Turkey
  • Having a climate that can be easily visited Turkey in 4 seasons
  • Favorable environmental conditions are of great importance for both patients in need of rehabilitation and motivation of other patients.
  • The fact that most of our private health institutions have reached a level that can compete with the west.
  • Having historical and cultural regions as a civilization embracing different cultures, it attracts tourists who seek a country for treatment from abroad.
  • Turkey with a young population and a serious labor has the potential trainability. With the progress of the health tourism sector, innovations that keep up with the times have been acquired in the shortest time and qualified personnel have been trained.
  • Service sector in Turkey is cheaper and quality compared to other countries. A health tourist who will stay in country hotels for accommodation leaves satisfied with hygiene, service and comfort.
  • Turkey’s health sector with advanced technology and skilled manpower sayılmakat is among the leading countries of the world.
  • One of the aspects that influence the demand for health services in Turkey is not in a positive way in the types of tourism are not available in some countries. (especially silk road tourism, plateau tourism, faith tourism, rafting tourism, nature tourism, health-spa tourism, etc.) (1)
  • In order to promote health tourism in Turkey is done for various legal regulations regarding the location and state are largely health care tourism. Appreciation of incentives and supports has attracted many investor companies and enabled the development of the country’s economy.
  • Our expatriate citizens of Turkish origin and living in Europe prefer to be treated in our country because of their thoughts such as not being separated from their culture and spending time with the families they left in their country.